Challenges in Developing Research Culture on Madrasah Students 13-14 Years Old in Indonesia

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Diah Ambarumi Munawaroh, I. Nyoman Sudana Degeng, Henry Praherdhiono, Dedi Kuswandi


This article aims to describe the challenges teachers and students face in research learning activities and how these activities can integrate students to develop a research culture. This research is a qualitative descriptive study on madrasah students of 13-14 years old by describing the behavior, responses, individual and group actions in the form of words and language naturally. Researchers took informants randomly so that the distribution of race, gender, and class categories was taken naturally. Researchers conducted observations, documentation, and in-depth interviews with principals and teachers. They tried their best to build good relationships with students at the research location and observed teacher and student interaction activities. Researchers want to reveal the challenges faced by teachers and students in research learning, starting from getting inspiration for research topics to treatment results to develop a research culture in three madrasahs in East Java Province, Indonesia. Studies show that the habit of observing and being sensitive to the environment can support the development of research culture in madrasah. It can be proven based on the observation that students are able to find new research topics after their research projects are completed. The research culture in madrasahs in East Java, Indonesia, cannot be separated from the support of the entire madrasah community, starting from the madrasah principal, teachers, guardians of students, and relevant stakeholders.

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