The Big Perpetrator in the Interpretation of Kazroni, Comparative Study

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Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Saad Al-Ani, Mohammed Abbood Khalaf Al-Janabi


Islamic scholars issued a fatwa Pfsag and disobedience of the great sins committed without Asthlha to see solver;  Such as adultery, theft, drinking alcohol, but he must repent to Allaah from such acts until he repents Allah be upon him, while those who committed major sins and did not repent them until he died and told him to God, if willing, forgive him, and wills, and if you enter God did not fire  Akhaldh where,  as proven in the Sunnah that God comes out of the Unitarian fire after cleansing from sin to a river called the river of life, in which Aneptun as the bean sprout in Hamil stream, if returned as it was fully created them, God brought them Paradise mercy.

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