Human Rights Awareness Among Youth in Turkey

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Dr. K. M. Ashifa


The protection and promotion of human rights are essential if nations around the world are to experience sustainable growth. In order for states to maintain their commitment to the universal acceptance of rights, they have begun placing a significant focus on international treaties and the execution of such accords. The establishment of a culture of respect for human rights is absolutely necessary to ensure the continued existence and prosperity of the human race. The cultivation of a culture of respect for human rights is possible through the efficient application of social work principles and values to human rights practices. It is imperative that rights pertaining to human needs, freedom, and responsibility be protected and fostered. A greater awareness of these rights will assist in the fight against violations that pose a risk to our already deteriorating quality of life and in the promotion of life-enriching care, protection, and welfare. It leads to the creation of a society that is free of violations while valuing the value and dignity of individuals and groups. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the level of awareness regarding various areas of human rights among college-aged youth in Turkey.

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