The impact of personal attributes as antecedents on the student entrepreneurial intensity in entrepreneurship Program: The mediating role of social capital

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Sathiswaran Uthamaputhran, Solomon Gbene Zaato, Ikhwan Aziz, Kiran Kumar Thoti


Entrepreneurial intensity of university students in promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem has garnered much attention in emerging markets. This research filled the gap using planned behaviour theory (TPB) in light of personal attributes on student entrepreneurial intensity. This study surveyed 783 entrepreneurial university students. This study’s critical counterintuitive result is that personal attributes significantly impacted the entrepreneurial intensity of students. Social capital mediates the relationship between personal attributes amidst entrepreneurial intensity of university students. This is novel study that examined how personal attributes influenced the entrepreneurial intensity of university students with social capital mediating the relationship to shape the personal disposition of students in the entrepreneurship program in developing country context.

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