Attitude towards Inclusive Education among Prospective Teachers: Is there a Gender Divide?

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Kent Adnil C. Lao, Helengrace A. Lao, Vinchail A. Siason, Ryan B. Cabangcala, Ednalyn D. Cadapan, Ericson O. Alieto


It could be said that gender is an ever-present variable when investigations of attitude towards Inclusive Education are accounted for. It could be deduced that the investigation of attitude and gender remains a relevant research activity, especially that the teacher course and the teaching career are dominated by one gender group. Thus, utilizing a reliable research tool (α = 0.90), this current empirical, cross-sectional study embarked on measuring the attitude towards IE of pre-service teachers, and determined whether gender polarization with respect to attitude exists. The study revealed intriguing results. Moreover, it was noted that if teachers  would take an indifferent attitude towards IE, mainstreaming would not become as successful as it should be, and that the concept ‘Education for All’  shall remain elusive , and nothing but a mere dream resting in the minds of those who should do better.

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