The prominence of Omani Maritime Networks

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Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman, Malika Gheraissa, Saleh Alzeheimi, WanNorizzati Wan Fazli


Omani family historical records have a wealth of cultural and social content. The Omani’s maritime heritage is one aspect of the tremendous historical legacy of Arabians in the Gulf territory. [1]Unquestionably, the memories of the Omanis regarding navigation and the ocean have a central and gracious role.[2] Maritime history, as it has been developed among the Omani people from the ancient civilizations, tends to be written by the sailors for the sailors. Oman exemplifies the model of a state enjoying the various marine activities such as fishing, shipbuilding, trades, and sailing towards the east and west of the surrounding area. The interactivity of land and sea instead of life at sea would seem to be the focus for historians exploring oceanic themes. The Sultanate of Oman could play an important role  in  the  construction of the maritime trade movements from the Arabian Sea to the Indo-Pacific, China, and the Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. The author provides valuable details about the factors that make Omani maritime prominent over all the region since the old generations. This paper seeks to provide and explore the history of Omani maritime, celestial navigation science at Omanis, and the most famous boatswain and trader, and his contributions in maritime science.


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