A Study on Meta-cognitive Skills of Senior Secondary Students in Relation to their Problem-Solving Awareness

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Praveen Kumar, Dr. Surendra Pal Singh, Umesh Chandra


Education is a scientific manner through which one profits information, talents, revel in and sound attitude .It makes one refined, cultured and civilized. Honestly talking its miles training that impacts the Affective, Psychomotor and Cognitive domain names and allow us to address the emotions, physical processes, and the talents associated with cognition inclusive of important questioning and achievement. But you may visualize the sarcasm through the sayings of Krishnamurti stated that “Education what we name now could be simply the buildup of records and information contained within side the books, which any individual can do who can examine books”. The gift training device specializes in simply studying of books, offer bookish information to college students and is generating big quantity of robots and different magnificence of technicians which is probably beneficial in quick time period however now no longer in a protracted journey. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Times of India (2014) expressed his ideas that "Our training equipment can`t be one which produces robots. That can manifest in laboratory. Their desires to be large character improvement”. In the long term it's miles vital that such talents must be advanced which replicate the general persona development.

The main reason of this study was to inspect Meta-cognitive skills and Problem-Solving Awareness among senior secondary school students. In addition, this study aimed to probe the impact of meta-cognitive skills of Senior Secondary Students in the relation of Problem-Solving Awareness among Senior Secondary Students. Owing to the developing complexities because of globalization, there's a massive opposition within side the society in each and every sphere of life. It is consequently vital to spend money on training. NCF (2005) stated training have to offer manner and possibilities to decorate child`s innovative expression. Life skills including important questioning, interpersonal communication, negotiation abilities, trouble fixing and self-control are very important for managing regular demanding situations of life. Skills like important questioning and trouble fixing will maintain kids engaged because of which they also can acquire better in academics. There has been always a developing cognizance to consider wondering within side the relatively traumatic and difficult academic realm recently. In conjunction with the growing reputation of cognitive psychology, there was a pretty buzz across the phrases meta-cognition and problem solving skills. Thus, maximum researchers heralded new perspectives at the widespread and in all likelihood dating among meta-cognition and problem Solving Awareness. Over the years a large amount of studies has been executed with the purpose of figuring out constructs assuming an increasing number of valuable areas in cognitive improvement studies. In fact, meta-cognition has inspired a flood of new studies and guides in learning. With this background, the majority of the studies on relation among Meta-cognitive skills and Problem Solving Awareness, however, in the long run give researchers a prescription for encouraging college students to decorate their methods of their wondering skills.

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