Mob Lynching in Assam, India

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Ujjal Das


Mob Lynching is an emerging trend as a new Crime in the shade of mob violence all over the country. Being a part of India, in Assam people belong to different cultural groups, linguistic groups, caste, community and religious groups use to live together with the feeling of unity, integrity and fraternity. In Assam like other parts of the country, ‘Mob Lynch’ is the term which becomes much familiar to the people of the region because every now and then it has been highlighted through the available Electronic Media of the State that some person(s)  is/are being killed by a mob violence on suspicion of Child Lifter or Witch hunting etc.; Villagers lynched to death a women on suspect of that she is practicing Black Magic and a Witch; a Boy lynched to death in a place where he went to meet his relatives etc. many other such cases occurred which is nothing but a curse of the  modern society. Assam has registered huge number of Mob Lynching cases every year in the state like Honour Killings, Witch Hunting, on suspicion of Child Lifters, on Communal riots, Pickpockets, Thefts etc. ‘Mob’ is an English term which means ‘uncontrolled group of people’ and ‘Lynch’ is an American term which means ‘award of punishment to the wrong doers without any legal trial or proceedings’.  According to the Data available of the Government of Assam during 2011-2019 shows that there were 107 persons killed in Witch Hunting incidents in the state. The present study aims to understand and explain what is Mob Lynching? What are the causes of lynching? What are the available legal provisions and laws to deal with such type of cases? What are the preventive and remedial measures that have been adopted by the state government and other Agencies and NGOs including the various Legal proceedings of the High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India?

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