The Antecedents of Employee Engagement on Project Management Success: Empirical Evidence from the Libyan Construction Industry

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Rabia S Ajeeb Abdalla, S. M. Ferdous Azam, Albattat, Ahmad


Engaging employees fully at every stage of their careers is today's challenge, not just retaining talent. Employee engagement is a key driver of business success in today's competitive marketplace. Employee engagement measures an organization's success. Customer satisfaction, the company's reputation, and overall stakeholder value are all directly linked to employee engagement. Desperate for employee engagement and loyalty, organisations are turning to human resources. Using literature review concerning the topic, the researchers found many factors must be considered to achieve high employee engagement. Consequently, there is no universally applicable engagement strategy. Determining what constitutes effective employee engagement will vary depending on the company. This study's goal is to better understand employee involvement's impact on project outcomes. We were able to better understand employee engagement and project management success by examining other scholars' work. The literature review chapter provided a theoretical perspective and direction for this study. The researcher will conduct a survey to gather feedback from construction workers. After examining the impact of employee engagement on project management success, the study will examine the relationship between employee engagement and other factors such as rewards and compensation.


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