Investigating The Aspect Recovery And Potential Of Media Influence In Tourism & Hospitality After Post Crisis Of Covid-19 In Malaysia

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Nini Shaliza, Mohd Zuraimi, Albattat, Ahmad


Pandemic has brought heavy economic losses to the tourism and hotel industry due to COVID-19 Corovonavirus Disease 2019 in 2020. The emergence of COVID-19 meant a challenge for the tourism and hotel industry which was unparalleled in contemporary times. Within 2 years after pandemic, several countries have focus on development of tourism, possible ways to reshape hotel industry according to the aspects: restoration of confident and performance of stakeholders. This study aims to identify aspects recovery influenced; to examine the opportunity of media influenced in tourism and hospitality in Malaysia. Respondents were selected in real time based using quantitative method and being analyzed using correlation. Finding on how media influenced as potential mediating incorporating a widely used three-stage approach to crisis management, which describes crisis management as three phases: the pre-crisis phase (prevention and preparation), the crisis phase (response), and the post-crisis phase (learning and revision) in global crisis management are discussed in this study.

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