Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Payment Towards Food and Beverages Industry in Klang Valley

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Nurul Fadhillah, Ahmad Fakhry, Albattat, Ahmad, Jacquline, Tham


Mobile payments are becoming more popular globally, but this is dependent on consumers' ability to adapt to new technology, as well as their changing and differing lifestyle adoptions and a variety of economic considerations. Despite the rapid growth of mobile payment, not everyone is willing to accept it because it implies that they are not guaranteed of security and confidence, which is the main reason customers are unwilling to use mobile payment. This study's overarching goal is to determine whether or not Klang Valley consumers accept mobile payments in the food and beverage industry. This conceptual paper examines the relationships between theories and previous research on consumer acceptance of mobile payment. The food and beverage industry is driven by a desire to understand the drivers of mobile payments. This study included 384 respondents from the Klang Valley, and the SmartPLS was used to analyse the data. According to the findings, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness are unimportant factors that can contribute to consumer acceptance of mobile payments in Klang Valley. Perceived trust, perceived security, and social influence are all factors that can influence consumer acceptance of mobile payments in Klang Valley. Based on the findings, food and beverage companies can experiment with new strategies to improve service and stay current. For example, owners or managers should develop a mobile application that can increase consumer acceptance of mobile payments.

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