Pedagogical Competence of Teachers in Responding to the Challenges of 21st Century Teacher Skills

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This study aimed to describe teachers' pedagogical competence as evidenced through educator certification in responding to challenges of the skills of 21st-century teachers. A qualitative approach with descriptive methods was applied in this study. Data was collected through interviews, observations, and documentation studies. The research was conducted at a High School in Jakarta with participants including the Principal, Deputy Principal for Curriculum, and Teachers. Research shows that (1) teacher pedagogical competence in 21st-century teacher skills can facilitate the actualization of each student's potential; involve students in exploring real-world issues; designing or adapting appropriate learning experiences and integrating digital tools and resources in educational learning activities. (2) The teacher's pedagogical competence is strived for through training organized by the government and schools, participating in MGMP, workshops, IHT, and reading books; (3) Obstacles in developing pedagogical competence in 21st-century teacher skills include the difficulty of senior teachers in dealing with the technological era, time, lack of interest in reading teachers, psychological aspects of teachers, and the unavailability of a consultation room.

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