The effect of COOs fit on Product Attitude: Moderating Effect of Avoidance of Uncertainty and PBG

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Myung Ae Ko, Gwi-Gon Kim


This study is to examine the effect of country of origins fit (COOs fit, the same between manufacturing COO and brand COO) on the attitude toward product, and the moderating effects of uncertainty avoidance and perceived brand globalness (PBG). The findings are as follows. 1) Consumer’s product attitudes are more favorable when COOs are the same than when they are different; 2) consumers with high uncertainty avoidance favor the product more when COOs are the same than when they are not. However, COO fit was not meaningful in their product attitude to consumers with low uncertainty avoidance, 3) PBG does not moderate the effect of COOs fit on product attitude. Given the multi-dimensional concept of COO, this research can contribute theoretically and practically to COO marketing communications depending on consumer characteristics.

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