Cognitive Problems in the Representation of the Landscape Maps of Kirkuk Governorate

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Sara Rustum Weli, Dr. Sedeeq Mustafa Jasim


The cognitive challenges of the map are among the most essential and visible issues confronting both the developer and the reader of the map. Overcoming these issues is dependent on the ease, clarity, and accuracy of construction. The degree of knowledge of the map-reader or user since this research was inspired by a study question that asked, "What are the most critical cognitive problems?" The researcher relied on performing field tests for a study sample with expertise in reading the map. Using a group of landscape maps as a model for the study and applying the criteria of cartographic understanding to it, it stands out in the landscape maps of the province of Kirkuk. Soil types in the research region, a map of land units in the study area, and the final model of a map of the landscape in the study area) since it belongs under the sixth category (very high cartographic insight).

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