The intellectual foundations and structural reforms of Imam Al-Jawad (peace be upon him) and their effect on the leadership of the nation

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Prof. Dr. Ayad Abdulhussein Saihood Al-Khafaji , Assist. Prof. Wedyan Yaseen Gareeb AI- Gabouri


Every nation must celebrate its greats because they are the shining torch of guidance and guidance, and as the basis for reviving the glorious history of Islam, and one of the most important greats of the Islamic nation is Imam Al-Jawad, peace be upon him, especially since he assumed the reins of the Imamate, peace be upon him, in the darkest and most severe circumstances, and with that difficult circumstance. However, it was not an obstacle to the emergence of his role in the political, religious, intellectual and other trends, and what concerns us in this research is the intellectual aspect that the Imam enjoyed and in the light of which he was able to dazzle his opponents and opponents with his sharp wit and intelligence, and to make the Imamate in his honorable person in the most splendid and beautiful Her pictures were at a stage that witnessed the birth of node currents and movements, which are less than equal in the different stages of history. And because the topic is part of the requirements of the study and commissioned by the respected Professor Dr. Iyad Al-Khafaji, the topic was chosen for its great importance and because of the personality of Imam Al-Jawad, peace be upon him, still hides many of its advantages.

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