Further Discussion on Teaching Vocabulary for Student with English Collocation and Several Educational Methods

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Le Huong Hoa, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy


The goal of this paper is to present several methods to teach students to improve their English vocabulary.

This study will use qualitative analysis as a combination of different methods as follow: description, synthesis and analysis.

Hence, first, author present teaching English with collocations which became necessary in English speaking and writing and teachers realized that collocations learning is challenge and problematic for learners. According to Palmer (1976:94), he argued that "You shall know a word by the company it keeps," and he gave the example of the company of the English word "ass," which occurred in a limited set of contexts and in the company of a limited set of adjectives silly, obstinate, stupid, and awful.

Second, don't look at the word alone, you should see it in the whole sentence. Fortunately, reading and listening will not only expose you to new words, but also do it on a regular basis, integrating it into context, which is the hallmark of effective vocabulary learning. And A good movie, a good book or interesting videos on Youtube can be the right material

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