Change Management: A Driving Force for Success Of CRM

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Dr Hemant K Panda


Change management is the main driving force for success of CRM projects. While the business of change management continues to dominate in all spheres yet, managers are as confused as ever when it comes to implement appropriate change management as part of the CRM Change management within the CRM context is all about getting users to adopt new business processes and practices and the technology that enables these processes and practices. Change management should be viewed as a central part of CRM to receive the attention it deserves. CRM strives to make the entire organization customer-centric and this new orientation mandates systemic changes throughout the organization. Successful change management comprises of five key initiatives: selling change internally, creating an appropriate infrastructure for change management, CRM-relevant training, a reconfiguration of the organization structure and performance assessment criteria, and a remolding of the existing incentive systems. The role of the HR department as facilitator for this change should never be underestimated.

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