The Necessary of Improving Vietnam Law on Sanitary and Phytosanitary for Agricultural Products for Export

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Le Van Dung


Vietnam has many advantages in the agricultural industry, and agricultural export output and value have increased significantly over the years. However, due to a lack of sanitary and epidemiological conditions, a number of export agricultural products from Vietnam have recently been returned or destroyed by the importing country. To reform agriculture in general and improve the quality of agricultural products in general, the first step is to perfect Vietnam's current legal system on hygiene and epidemiology in order to create a reasonable and open legal framework for agricultural investment and development in the direction of green, clean, and sustainable agriculture. As a result, this article examines the critical role of completing the legal regulation on sanitary and phytosanitary products for agricultural products to lay the theoretical groundwork for the reform of Vietnam's relevant current legal system in the near future.

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