Vedas And Truth: From Shaping the Food Gut to IOT

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Biswajit Pattajoshi, Debadutta Das, Sangeeta Mohanty


Background:The cosmic seeds from  the universal supreme God touched the tranquil dawn of our ancient India, pushing towards 3rd millennium  vision and global network of faith bloom, as media missionaries and stalwarts be it think tanks, mentors, coaches, masters, Gurus, healers, practitioners, business, government and society conscience keepers and on and on. The world war and the evolutionary heaven of Internet , amalgamated with IT, cloud computing , IoT, with data streaming , accessibility made easy, no frills and hassle free, impacting the civilians with  Vedic culture , rooting to 21st century and thus shaping business culture and spending gut, impacting food culture thus maintaining the cycle, and eyeing and evolving till IoT.

Purpose:There is one truth of this universe,  that drenched the toe tips to head of ancient India. The Vedic truth impacts the 21st century leadership, through food culture, business gut and innovation.

Methodology:A confirmatory factor analysis was carried out on Vedic truth to focus on dimensionality. The relationship of Vedic truth with food culture dimensionality, business gut , innovation was studied. SEM was carried for dimensions of vedic truth  as process, tools, and culture mapped with innovation, risk-taking and pro-activeness. The qualitative metrics study was carried from the ancient heritage, and repository  leadership of  science based works of divine masters and Nobel laureates.

 Finding: Positive process tools and culture impact for healthy sustainable innovation, calculated risk taking, and  pro-activeness. This study is science, religion and spiritual faith based and reflected in terms of  spiritual divine faith eyes, with evolutionary heaven and degreeableness in spiritual maturity. The food culture impacted subtle dynamism between the two way process.

Value:Something more than this in this millennium, Vedic truth boom can heal your  each cell at a time ,making you noble, nascent, agile , regressing backwards towards your childhood creativity and reaching your dreams, making India shine, reaching your self-actualization levels and the inherent elixir of life the truth.  

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