A Study of Determinants Affecting Homestay Tourism in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh

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Nikhil Saini, Kuldeep Singh


Homestays are an emerging tourism and accommodation concept in India which has provided a significant contribution to Indian economy. Homestay offers hospitality which provides an exclusive experience where the tourist gets to know real culture and feel of the estimation. In spite of all the benefits offered by homestays, they are less popular in comparison to other accommodation services in India. This study has focused to review the factors which contribute to success of homestays in Indian Himalayan Region (IHR). The thorough analysis of the study revealed that some important factors leading to success of homestays are accessibility, authenticity, biodiversity, culture, attraction, environment friendly, safety and security of the tourist etc.

Lack of awareness to end users is the main barrier which can overcome by using multimedia and advertisement. The finding from this review suggests that by focusing on the determinants of comfortable homestay, proper marketing strategies and sustainable practices, popularity and success of homestay could be highly improved.

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