Analysis Of Interactive Digital Teaching Materials Development Needs Based on The Profile of Pancasila Students in Elementary Schools

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Siti Chotijah, Djalal Fuadi, Minsih, Yenny Prastiwi, Laili Etika Rahmawati


The development of interesting and interactive teaching materials is one of the important components needed in the learning process. With interesting and interactive teaching materials, it is hoped that it can help smooth learning activities. Teaching materials that have been used in learning activities still use conventional thematic books. The purpose of this study is to analyze the need for teaching materials that need to be developed for the topic of deradicalization based on the Pancasila Student Profile. This research method is a case study with a qualitative descriptive approach. The research subjects were students of grade six as many as 70 students. The data collected using interview sheets, observations, and questionnaires showed that: 1) the teaching materials needed by students were interactive digital textbooks with interesting content such as materials, interactive quizzes, general knowledge, ice breaking, and evaluation questions, 2) materials in the textbook integrate the Pancasila Student Profile. The conclusion of this study is the need to develop interactive digital teaching materials for deradicalization materials based on the Pancasila Student Profile.

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