Penal Methods to Protect Public Health Within the Framework of Sustainable Development A Study in Iraqi Legislation - Corona Pandemic as A Model

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Dr. Nawar Daham Matar Zubaidi


The issue of public health occupies a lofty position among the most important issues that concern the individual and societies alike, and there is no doubt that health has become the focus of global attention, especially with the accelerating health challenges that hit the whole world during the years 2020 and 2021 and is still.                                                                            

Especially with regard to the Corona pandemic. Which prompted us to address this important topic from a legal point of view, specifically in this working paper that we devoted to studying the penal mechanisms for protecting public health in the framework of sustainable development - a study in Iraqi legislation, the Corona pandemic as a model - in an effort to address the most important legal provisions that took over the protection of the right In public health and the accompanying real challenges in the field of its application and the penalty for violating it with regard to the spread and spread of the Corona pandemic, through the axes that we will present successively through this research paper                                                       

Referring to the basic principles that govern this subject, it was noted that the Iraqi legal system has included many of the necessary political, social and economic principles and rights in the 2005 constitution, although there is a serious fear of not taking into account the protection of the right to public health despite it being a natural right in the first place. Therefore, it is important to address and study this right despite the difficulty of defining its meaning, due to the multiplicity of its dimensions and the fact that the rights system is currently suffering from what a person can suffer from the confusion and overlapping of concepts. Hence the difficulty of defining concepts, but this did not deter us from studying and analyzing legal texts and evaluating the effectiveness of procedures and measures that ensure the protection of public health as an individual and collective demand at the same time.

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