Model Optimization of The Role of The Internet in Developing Literature History of Islam in Students in Bandar Lampung: Implementation of The Analytic Hierarchy Process Method

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Syamsuri Ali, Edwin Syarip, Faizah Binti Awad, M. Indra Saputra


The operationally the objective of the research is to determine the priority weight of the goals of using the internet by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process method. There are three variables in the study, namely: Attitude (X1); Subjective norm (X2); and Interests (X3). The study involved a total of 90 students, where the classification consisted of; of 30 Diploma students; 30, undergraduate students; 30 Postgraduate students. Then each is referred to as an alternative in the study. Then on the variable interest, postgraduate students are the group that has the highest score, this is because postgraduate students are required to know and explore theories and knowledge in greater depth, especially related to journals so that they can strengthen their research, both theses and dissertations. The study concluded that the order of priority for internet use is based on communal considerations (all criteria) with the AHP method sequentially, Diploma students (41%), Post graduate students (38) and undergraduate students (21%).

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