A Study on the Perception of Undergraduates about Employability Skills

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Ms. Aanchal Dabas, Dr. Anviti Rawat


This study aims about assessing the perspective of undergraduates towards employability skills. Descriptive research method is used and through snowball sampling 119 respondents filled a questionnaire developed by the researcher. It was found that majority of the students wish to go for job placement after the completion of graduation. Specifically they opted banking sector or government jobs to go for after graduation degree. For better placements students consider practical knowledge and internships important during their course of study. Moreover, among all the employability skills the first ranking was given to Team work, followed by Time management, communication skills,problem solving, leadership skills, ability to work under pressure, accuntability,work ethics,adaptability,computer proficiency ,creativity and the lowest ranking was given to writing skills according to undergraduate students.

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