A Critical Discourse Analysis of Iraqi Political Discourse

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Omar Hmood Ahmed


This study deals with analyzing the political discourses of Iraqi politicians from a linguistic aspect. It studies generally the Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and it deals with analyzing aspects and functions of discourse analysis.  As  such, it deals with the study of discourse analysis in general and with the Iraqi political discourse and criticism in particular. It also follows the cooperative principles of  H.P. Grice and its four maxims and will determine if the Iraqi politicians are following such maxims or not. This study also attempts  to show the power of the action performed by the Iraqi politicians and to what extent their action has been communicated in an explicit and implicit way.Further, it attempts to show the pragmatic function concerning discourse analysis, and it also aims toconvey meaning of Iraqi politician utterances  in an appropriate and a successful way and to clarify their indirect speech acts on the basis of the pragmatic interpretation.

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