Effect of Proposed Exercises Using the Sponge Mat in the Performance of the Skill of Court Defence in Sitting Volleyball

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Qatada Hisham Abdul Ghafoor, Asseel Dawood Salman, Safa Abdul Sattar Ali


The introduction included the community’s view of people with special needs and their potential to take a great social position. It also included the effective role of the sport that contributed to their rehabilitation and integration into society to eliminate isolation, introversion and the resultant psychological problems. The research touched upon the game of Sitting Volleyball and the skill of court defence and used the sponge mat as a means to make it more difficult to perform the proposed exercises in training sessions. It also tried to determineitseffect on the player in the performance of skill in matches and competitions.

The problem that this study seeks to address is the low performance of the court defence skill for Sitting Volleyballplayers. This led to the development of exercises designed using the sponge mat to see its impact on the skill in question.The research objectives are as designing exercises using the sponge mat in Sitting Volleyball, also recognizing the effect of exercises designed using the sponge mat on the level of performing the skill ofcourt defence.

Research hypotheses included there are statistically significant differences between the two control and experimental research groups in pre-test and post-test results in the variable under study and in favour of post-test results.There are statistically significant differences between the two control and experimental research groups in the results of the post test in the variables under study and in favour of the test results of the experimental group.The researchers adopted the experimental method given its suitability for the nature of the research problem. The research sample was chosen in a deliberate way and included the players of Wissam Al-Majd Sitting Volleyball Club. This was composed of (fourteen) players, who represent 100% of the entire research community, all of whom have mobility disabilities.With the help of the assistant team. The prepared curriculum was applied for a period of (32) training sessions According to the analysis of the game, the skill of court defence was evaluated, and the pre-test was conducted on Thursday, 16/12/2021.The main experiment was conducted onSaturday, (18/12/2021), and the sponge mat was used as an aid accompanying the performance of the exercises designed in the main experiment.  The research discussed the nature and specifications of the mat, and the post-test was conducted on Thursday, 17 February 2022.Finally, the research contained the statistical means used in the processing of data.

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