Influence of Job Satisfaction, Effective Teamwork and Social Media on Employee’s Performance in Bahraini Telecommunication Sector

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Qais Ahmed Almaamari, Mahmood Merza Salial


There are many factors that influence the level of employee’s performance in the organization. This study is aimed to examine the factors influencing the employee’s performance which are job satisfaction, effective teamwork & using social media platforms at the telecommunication sector in kingdom of Bahrain. This research is a highlight of the previous studies exploring the critical factors impacting the employee’s performance in service firms. The findings of the study that job satisfaction, effective teamwork & using social media sites have a positively significantly influencing to employee’s performance. The finding of this study might provide policymakers and corporate managers with a practical implication and knowledge of the aspects that could likely affect employee’s performance in the service sector, allowing for the potential of attracting and gaining more employee.

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