The Single-Minded Personality for the Heads of Scientific Departments at the University

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Asisst. Prof. Dr.Tariq Mohammed Bader


Due to the rapid development in various fields of scientific, practical and social life, the great growth in the field of information technology and the change seen in the labor market and the world of professions, every society needs to choose people who have the ability to keep pace with that development, thus this research came as a scientific attempt to measure the single-minded personality for heads of Scientific department at university, as this type of personality, according to the literature and studies, is a general factor that summarizes a number of concepts such as authoritarianism, dogmatism, and aversion to ambiguity and other concepts. This research was applied to a sample of (150) heads of department at the Universities of Baghdad and Al-Mustansiriyah, who were selected by a proportional random method. To measure this concept, a scale was prepared to measure the single-minded personality. It consisted, in its final form, of (24) items that are answered according to the five-point gradation of response (Likert method). After extracting the indicators of validity and reliability for this scale using the appropriate statistical means, the results of the research indicated that the heads of departments at the university were not characterized by a single-minded personality, and that there was a statistically significant difference in the single-minded personality according to the gender variable (males and females) and in favor of males, with the absence of such adifference according to the specialization variable (scientific, humanitarian). The research ended with conclusions.

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