Emotional reassurance and its relationship to the educational struggle among middle school students

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Muayad H. Aljumaili, Hussain K. Al-Obeidi


The current research aims to identify the level of emotional reassurance and the level of achievement struggle among high school students, It also aims to know the correlation between emotional reassurance and the achievement struggle of middle school students.  The study was applied to a sample of (200) male and female students from the fifth year of high school in Baquba, The researcher used the emotional reassurance scale prepared by (Abu Amra, 2012), and the achievement struggle scale prepared by (Judah and Muhammad, 2014) after extracting the truthfulness and consistency for them. The study found that the research sample had a high level of emotional reassurance and achievement struggle. The study also found a positive relationship, to a moderate degree, between emotional reassurance and achievement struggle.

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