Teacher Development Management to Improve Professional Competency: Case Study at SMA Negeri 1 and SMA Negeri 3 Bekasi

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Munawir Munawir, Ade Tutty R. Rossa, Waska Warta, Ida Tejawiani


This research is based on the low level of teacher competency in their field, this causes each teacher to have differences in mastering the required competencies. This research aims to analyze the implementation of teacher coaching to improve professionalism. This study is qualitative research with an implementation study method. The research was conducted at SMA Negeri 1 and SMA Negeri 3 Bekasi. Data collection techniques: Direct observation, interviews and documentation studies or document and archive searches. Law Number 20 of 2003, Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2005, every educational unit in formal and non-formal channels is obliged to guarantee the quality of education. In making quality plans or the quality of providing good education, you can use the PDCA cycle theory (Plan, Do, Check, and Action) or what is known as the Deming Wheel. The results of the research show that the implementation of coaching management to increase teacher competency has been carried out in accordance with the SNP, but in general needs to be improved. Conclusion: Implementation of teacher coaching management makes a positive contribution to increasing teacher professional competence with a staged approach to the coaching management process and there are differences because the Vision and Mission of the two schools are different. To achieve its vision, schools need to strengthen the position of the School Quality Assurance Team and learning committee and continue to implement a positive culture: mindset, attitude patterns and behavior patterns based on national education standards.

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