Prophetic Leadership Of Village Head In Panca Jaya District, Mesuji Lampung Regency

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Muhammad Purwanto, Nirva Diana, Romlah, Koderi


The concept of Islamic leadership has been alluded to by the Al-Quran and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW since it was created by humans, that leadership is a missensacre (sacred task) for human development, this task is a form of human manifestation as Khalīfah fil al-Ardh (representative of Allāh on earth) in leadership prophetic. The sub-focus that becomes the problem formulation in this research is about Humanist leadership, Liberation and Transcendence. The research method carried out is qualitative by means of observation, interviews and documentation. Research analysis by means of data reduction, presentation and drawing conclusions. Checking the validity of the data by means of Credibility (internal validity), Transferabilty (external validity), Dependability (reliability), and  Confirmability (objectivity). Ma'ruf (humanization), realizing the amar ma'ruf, and supervising its development with optimal abilities. pay attention to the conscience of the people with all their hopes, needs and abilities, invite or fight for goodness, close and harmonious interaction between the government and the people and promote unity and integrity and live in peace together. (2) Liberation leadership has been running well and implemented with the activities of the knowledge system, social system, economic system and political system, creating human persons who have the dimension of liberation from all forms of oppression; orientation on materialism and hedonism, or confinement to global capitalism, and become a human being who is able to position himself as a player of change and can control it. (3) The Transcendence Leadership of the Village Head in Panca Jaya District, Mesuji Regency, Lampung has gone well and is carried out with tu‟minuna Billāh (transcendence) activities in leadership must have a rabbinic attitude, namely compassion, gentleness and so on and have a sincere nature, lead oneself itself, adding a transcendental dimension in culture, providing understanding to each individual about the creator or God, so that divine values ​​will stick in each individual in carrying out life activities, creating output from the reflection of these actions into traditions that are better than before, restores the reality of society to metaphysical awareness. This transcendence also functions to shift circumstances that are close to and at the peak of spiritual achievement and influence other life paths that have broad insights that are built from a strong mentality. Character infrastructure that is built from good values, such as fairness, honesty, responsibility, trust, and cooperation, will be very influential and support complete behavior.

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