Social Media as a Means of Da'wah in the Digital Age

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Zamakhsyari Abdul Majid


Da'wah is the responsibility of everyone, regardless of occupation, to be able to transmit da'wah messages that are acceptable by the public or society. To deliver the word of da'wah, effective measures must be used, so that the community understands the purposes of da'wah. The media is one of the vehicles for delivering these da'wah ideas; in fact, the media wields tremendous power in leading and influencing the audience's attitude. Along with technological advancement, the media underwent a remarkable transformation. Various social media platforms have sprung up in an attempt to attract the people as users. The purpose of this research is to examine the role of social media as a Da'wah field in the Digital Age. The study's findings indicate that using social media as a da'wah field has enormous potential for reaching a large audience and influencing individual behavior. However, numerous factors must be considered in order for social media da'wah to be effective. First, it is critical to improve one's relationship with Allah SWT so that the da'wah given is blessed and genuine. Second, recognizing the needs of the ummah is critical in communicating relevant and heartfelt da'wah messages. Third, religious knowledge must be constantly increased and enriched so that da'wah has a solid base and high credibility. Fourth, beginning preaching in one's immediate surroundings is a sensible step toward developing solid relationships and expanding the reach of da'wah through social networks. Fifth, always increase religious knowledge so that da'wah can be given with a thorough understanding and the correct responses to audience inquiries or doubts.

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