The Effect of Using Small Games on Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills among Schoolchildren Aged (11-12) Years

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Rana Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Taie, Dr. Nibras Younis Al Murad, Aqil Yahya Al-Araji


The aim of the research is to select a group of small games to develop emotional intelligence skills for school pupils at the age of (11-12) years, as well as to know the impact of these games. For the study, due to its suitability and the nature and objectives of this study, the research community consisted of school students at the age of (11_12) years for the academic year (2022-2023), and their number was (360) students. This research was conducted in the period from 6/11/2022 to 21/1 / 2023 and on a sample of students from Al-Azd Primary School for Boys for the academic year (2022_2023) and at the age of (11-12) years, and their number reached (72) students, 20% of the research community. And each group consisted of (36) students after conducting the processes of homogeneity and equivalence, and the appropriate tests were selected by the researcher, with conducting a mini-exploratory experiment on a group of (30) students from outside the basic research sample, tools and aids in the research Pre-tests were conducted on the two groups, and then small games were applied within the educational units of (20) units in a period of ten weeks. Several conclusions were made, the most important of which was that the vocabulary of small games played an effective and significant role in developing emotional intelligence skills, as well as the differences between the pre and post tests of the control group members appeared significantly, which were subject to the approach followed in the physical education lesson plan for the sixth grade of the primary stage, and in the light of these conclusions The researcher recommended the necessity of applying the small games group in the physical education lesson in primary schools, as well as the need to create the educational environment with the capabilities and tools necessary to apply the small games during the main part of the physical education lesson.

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