Measuring the Impact of Fiscal Policy on Economic Diversification in Iraq for the Period (2004-2020)

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Dr. Fadhil Abbas Kadhim, Dhargham Fadhil Hasan


The Fiscal policy has an "increasing" interest as an inevitable and necessary result of recent developments in light of fluctuations in oil prices and their impact on oil countries with a unilateral economy. The economies of oil-producing countries suffer from economic instability, as a result of the shocks of the oil sector. Contribute to economic diversification, and then indicate the required role of fiscal policy to achieve economic diversification in Iraq, as well as measuring the impact of fiscal policy on economic diversification in Iraq for the period (2004-2020). And converting data from annual to quarterly is justified by the fact that the ARDL model depends on time gaps, as well as reviewing the reasons for the need to pay attention to diversifying the economy.

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