Language and Identity: Opportunities and Challenges of the Albanian-English Bilingualism

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Morena Braçaj


The relation between language and the form of the national identity can be assessed according to the historical perspective of the cultural factors that determined the emergence of Albanian-speaking or, vice versa, according to the same historical perspective which focuses on the characterizing role of the state and national unity.  The present work outlines some dynamic aspects of the interaction between language and identity, with a focus on Albanian and English semantic and symbolic analysis. It will also explore the social and anthropological metamorphosis of the Albanian language either as being influenced by the English rules or how these interactions have framed the common speaking. As changes in the linguistic dictionary have preceded and still influence the formation of both the nation and the state in Albania, the goal of equality and substantial claims to regulate society, in harmony with fundamental social values, is certainly one of the major elements that empower the status of language as a marker for cultural diplomacy and national identity.

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