Independent Living Skills Needed by Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) Towards Inclusive Education: A Systematic Literature Review

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Mohd Kamil N.K., Amin A.S., Md Akhir N., Ahmad Badayai, A.R, Mohd Zambri I., Sutan R., Khairuddin K. F., Wan Abdullah W.A.


Background: Inclusive education is vital to nation-building and should be enjoyed by every student, including students with special educational needs (SEN). As the concept of independent living among persons with disabilities has been getting more attention today, it is necessary to identify how the concept of independent living can empower students with SEN toward inclusive education. Objectives: Building on this debate, the study aimeds to identify independent living skills required by students with SEN in order to ensure that they could have adequate access to inclusive education. Methods: Based on the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) protocol, this study analysed 25 articles from Web of Science and Scopus. Results: The results identified ten skills students with SEN would need: language proficiency, reading and writing, financial management, interpersonal skills, social participation, social problem solving, self-care, daily living skills and healthcare skills. Conclusions: This study also discussed how these independent living skills could empower students with SEN toward an inclusive education.

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