Multiple Regression Analysis on the Influencing Factors in Smes Adoption of Cross-Border E-Commerce:Evidence from China

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Zhang Qiang, Siti Aida Samikon, Xia Jintao


The goal of this study was to identify and empirically investigate the variables affecting China's small and medium-sized businesses' adoption of cross-border e-commerce. The various context components were added to the Technology-Organization-Environment framework to create the conceptual model for the current study. The framework was created using a two-pronged approach that included a questionnaire survey and a review of the existing literature. A survey using a questionnaire was then carried out, and 117 small and medium-sized businesses questionnaires were gathered. Using multiple regression analysis, the researcher put the model and related hypotheses to the test. The findings show that the adoption of cross-border e-commerce by small and medium-sized businesses is highly influenced by the level of technology, organizational level, competitive pressure, and policy support. The findings and conclusions of the study, as well as the future research prospects, are discussed.

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