Pronoun Oud in Arabic

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One of the most prominent methods of Arabic is that it is based on abbreviation, and one of the most famous methods that achieve this is the use of pronouns, which the reader and listener need to comprehend to have a sound understanding and correct and correct follow-up, especially in the issues of (pronouns), otherwise there will be confusion in the acquisition and understanding of the meaning. 

follower of the sayings of grammarians and linguists in determining the conscience will find that they are multiple, and even fabricated in many places. Which indicates that this multiplicity and this difference have reasons that create ambiguity in this subject, all of which prompted us to study the conscience and its return and investigate its issues, to know the correct methodology in determining the return. , its provisions, divisions, and functions), and the second was devoted to (the return of the pronoun on an aforementioned aforementioned), as for the third, it was singled out for (the return of the pronoun on a later date) and the fourth bore the title (the return of the pronoun on an unmentioned one), then we followed that with a conclusion that included the most prominent results

 In writing the research, I took a course in which I dealt with each case of the repetition of the pronoun in simplified terms, and mentioned the sayings of scholars in the different places.

  This work is the result of an effort in which I do not claim innocence of deficiency and error. If I succeed, that is the grace of God, and it is what I hope for.

   I hope that the ideas contained in this research will be useful and beneficial to researchers and those interested in Arabic and its immortal heritage. It is an effort that I hope will be accepted, and I do not claim innocence from deficiency and error. I suffice that I tried, and praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.

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