“Psychological Balance”-An Investigation

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N. Prema


Flexibility is the main constituent of psychological balance. Balance is a state of mind. Generally, people think that Physical Health can be maintained only by eating healthy and enriched food. But every one of us have to accept the fact that, our psychological stability also playing a vital role for Physical as well as Mental Health. Developing positive emotions in daily basis such as happiness, enjoyments in life, love, and gratification will ensure your healthy life and your performances will also be improved. Instead, negative emotions like anger, hatred, stress, depression and resentment will obstruct all your abilities and paves the roads for unhealthy mind and body and also conflicts in relationship. This study aimed to find out the level of awareness about psychological balance and to check whether they can follow it up in their life. To accomplish this aim, the investigator has collected required information through two standardized questionnaires among the sample. For this research work the investigator has chosen 185 sample by adopting simple random sampling method. The sample includes, teaching and non-teaching faculties working in various colleges of Chengalpet District. A quantitative analysis has been made and the result shows that, around 80 % of the sample knows about the significance of psychological balance but only 30 % of them were able to maintain psychological Balance in their life situations. Change is inevitable. Facing the challenging situation only can make your life as efficacious.

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