Online Clothing Rental Website Quality: Mediating Effect of Attitude on Behavioural Intention

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M. Krishnakumar, Akanksha Dayma, Shivkumar M. Belli


Background: Advancing Internet technology has brought significant transformations to how organizations and businesses are delivering products or services and building customer relationships. Online clothing rental companies felt that though thousands of users visit their online clothing rental website, the order conversion rate is very low. So finding what the website quality parameters are which are lacking from the side of company in converting the users to the customers is important for the improvement of the conversion rate.

Objectives: The main objectives of this study are: to examine relationships among variables of website quality with perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness, and in turn, their influence on attitude and behavioural intention to use; to investigate which determinant of website quality has more impact on behavioural intention to use online clothing rental websites; and to examine whether perceived usefulness and attitude would mediate the relationships between perceived ease of use and behavioural intention to use.

Methods: The method used for investigating website quality was the standard Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). A total of 271 responses of online clothing rental customers were analyzed to identify the relation between website quality and behavioural intention to use website. The primary data collection instrument used was structured on TAM based questionnaire.

Results: The outcome of the study shows that the quality of service is a more influential factor than the quality of the system and information in the context of online shopping through online clothing rental Website, implying that providing excellent quality of service is more important than emphasizing information and system quality. 

Conclusion: The contributions of this study are that we were able to see and suggest the ‘‘broader picture’’ in terms of the website quality measures by including system, information and service quality, and how the customers regard the quality measures of online clothing rental website. It empirically demonstrated that the website features have a significant impact on the user acceptance of online clothing rental website.

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