Gender Inequality in Indian Scenario: Issues, Challenges and Initiatives

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Jyoti, Beena Devi


Gender Stereotype is a long-term problem in our society and females are discriminated against in various ways in India, although legally women have equal rights. So, there is a great need to focus the society on gender issues so that there would be no discrimination based on gender. Women empowerment through gender stereotypes is one of the key factors to unlock the potential of women. This paper elaborates strategies that should be adopted in our society to promote gender equality. As we know “Power of women as the greatest potential for the growth of the economy”. To achieve the empowerment of all women and girls will establish policies and institutions to build a society where men and women support each other. Many activities need to focus where we lack gender responsive indicators and sex disaggregated baseline data and having limited monitoring information. There should be study on some constraints to assess possible differences in participation, benefits and impact between men and women. 

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