A Study Oninternet, Smartphone and Social Mediausage among College Students in Mumbai, Navi –Mumbai & Pune

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Rashmi Sreejit Nair, Sapna Suri, Kirti Wankhede, Shweta Dixit


Internet, Social media and Smartphones continues to play a very important role in the world for the process of communication. It plays an important role in the way we connect with others and share information. The internet users worldwide stood at 4.9 billion in 2021(Statista 2021) which means two third of the population is currently connected to the World Wide Web. As there is increase in usage of internet there are large amount of health concerns too with increasing number becoming obsessed and addicted with digital lifestyle especially among college students. Internet provides good quantity of information and knowledge to all but especially to the young college going students and is a good platform to communicate and have social interactions, however if used extensively can have a negative impact on the Psychological wellbeing of the students.The study conducted through this research paper is aimed to investigate the impact of internet, social media and smart phone usage among young college students of Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Pune.The study was carried by reaching out for responses from around 200 graduate and postgraduate presently studying students from various colleges of Mumbai .The students belong to varied age groups between 18-25 andfrom different faculties. The study brings to light that none of the college-going students among the respondents could disconnect themselves from smart phones and felt it as an essential part to their lives; similarly, the study reveals they also find moderate usage of internet and social media platforms as healthy to the times in which they are presently living.

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