The Invisible Violence: A Critical Analysis of Male Subjugation in Assam

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Jyoti Prasad Saikia, Alankrita Borthakur


Gender violence is often synonymous with women's violence. The hegemonic ideology of patriarchal society expects a man to be powerful, influential, and dominating. However, one cannot ignore the instances of violence against men. Instead of focusing on only violence and subjugation against women, importance should also be given on the men and their subjugation in the society. This is impertinent and invisible in society. Any form of abuse is physical, psychological, or sexual affects the rights, freedom, and privileges of men. Instances are also seen globally. Hence, through this study, an attempt is made to explore the experiences of men as victims. It aimed at a critical analysis male subjugation in both domestic settings and the workplace. Tools such as case studies and observations were used to gather data and information.

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