Actualization of the Linguistic Rhetorical Construct "Success" in the Era of the Pandemic

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Vorozhbitova Aleksandra A., Pyankova Tatyana V., Trotsiuk Svetlana N., Natalya Yu. Khachaturova


The purpose of the article is to demonstrate the identifying features of the linguistic rhetorical (LR) organization of the "psychological and pragmatic discourse" (PPD), or "the discourse of success", represented by the corpus of texts of book series that are in demand by the Russian recipient in the modern socio-cultural situation of the pandemic era. Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, this type of discourse ensemble has been actualized in the mass consciousness of the planetary language personality as an instrument of spiritual uplift in contrast to the oppressive, depressing "covid discourse". The LR invariant of the "discourse of success" construct is a complex genre of instructive-meditative type that verbalizes psychological and pragmatic ways of forming the mental space of personal effectiveness, which are suggestive in nature. The general function of the "magic" and "programming" types of contexts-instructions is to stimulate the awakening of the reader's inner potential by activating the processes of self-programming to achieve success in different areas of life. The system of discursive dominants of the mental space of personal effectiveness consists of concretized installations of a general self-attitude to success with stimulation of the activity-communicative needs of the recipient's pragmaticon with the transition to the autocommunication mode.

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