Clouding Theory of Attitude - Determining Modelling Methodology of Psychological Attitude for A Given Set of ‘Attributive’ & ‘Functional’ Variables on Subject of Consumer Marketing – A Quantitative Approach

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Mr. Prasanta Biswas, Dr. S Sriranjani Mokshagundam, Dr Pooja Jayashankar, Dr. Jalaja Enamala


How attitude gets formed in human psychology is basic point of discussion of the paper. For background scenario of it, regarding its description & all, consumer marketing has been taken as the consideration point/field. Consumer behaviour is what on experiencing a proposition of consumer marketing is to be measured by attitude construction. From a proposition (product or service) introduction to a behavioural attitude - this entire process of attitude must go through forming of attitude clusters in the decisive cognition. The paper has described these clusters through methodological ‘quantitatively modelling’ way which is by approaches like emphasis of attitude variables & their related combination possibility. Entire study is academic & at present, at theoretical level. Also, variables of a marketing programme to persuade a proposition before consumers are discussed on fundamental ways that the interaction happens (as a function or process). The study, in all, would facilitate the study of attitude research into aspects of quantitative estimation & approach. Entire study has ultimately led into determination of field based attitude outcomes (by emphasis-combination analogy); the field could be a market, marketing or any proposition that a prospect experiences his/her attitude level in consumer marketing.

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