Incidence Of Irritant Contact Dermatitis Due to Hand Sanitizer Overuse and Excessive Hand Washing in Health Care Workers in NICU

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Girish Nanoti, Shriya Umalkar


Aim: To prove a relationship between the development of irritant contact dermatitis and overuse of hand sanitizer and excessive handwashing in healthcare workers working in the NICU.

Methods and Materials: A direct observational study was conducted for a duration of six months between July 2022 to December 2022 including all health workers (consultants, resident doctors, and nurses) posted in the NICU, and other visitors were excluded from the study. Out of the total 42 participants. 10 were male and 32 were female. Ethical approval was taken from NKP SIMS Lata Mangeshkar hospital and the research center.

Results: 16 (38.09%) participants 10 Resident doctors, and 6 nurses developed mild symptoms (Dry skin and itching), 2 (4.76%) participants 1 Resident doctor, and 1 nurse developed moderate symptoms, 2 (4.76%) participants 1 Resident doctors, and 1 nurse developed Severe (Blisters) symptoms, and 22 (52.38) participants 8 consultants, 6 Resident doctors, and 8 nurses did not have any symptoms.

Conclusion: From this prospective cohort study, we can successfully conclude that a direct correlation is present between the excessive use of alcohol-based sanitizers and detergent-based hand soaps and the development of irritant contact dermatitis in the healthcare workers posted in the NICU.

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