Philosophical Approaches To Natural Realist Theories Of Muhammad Taqi Misbah Al-Yazdi

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Adnan Jiheel Shadood , Prof. Dr. Amer Abd Zaid


Realism tells us that moral values ​​and imperatives have realistic, that is, there are realistic characteristics in good deeds and qualities as well as in ugly ones, and that there are realistic characteristics in the actions that we should do, as well as in those that we should not do (1).

         With our acceptance of realism, the question arises of what these realistic characteristics are.

           In other words, what is the real thing that necessitates that some actions and attributes be good and others ugly, and that doing or not doing some actions is necessary?

           Therefore, in this requirement, we will explain and analyze the doctrines that say that realism is provable, that is, in addition to its saying of realism, it says that moral judgments can be proven.

          What is important in this theory is to clarify the method of proving these rulings, so it was necessary for these schools to present a realistic angel in this field. That is, they must define realism, which is the source of moral values ​​and imperatives, and on the basis of which the alternate and alternative values ​​of optional attributes and actions and the necessity of these attributes and actions are determined. In this way, moral judgments are established.

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