Analysis and Recommend for Organic Health Food

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Gavala Mounika, B. Vijaya Kumar


The demand for organic food is rising throughout the Western world. While it is frequently claimed that customers purchase organic goods out of concern for their health, research on consumer preferences and behaviour is ambiguous as to what exactly qualifies as "healthy" for these buyers. promotes the purchase of organic goods by customers. This article explores how consumers, despite putting their own health first, negotiate and defend their purchasing patterns. The analysis is supported by study data gathered via focus groups. Three separate concepts regarding health may be discovered when customers discuss their preferences for organic goods: purity, happiness, and a holistic approach to health. The first two are familiar to us from food writing. Third, while less well- documented in terms of consumption, organic farming reflects these objectives. The goal of purchasing organic food is health. When discussing healthy eating generally and independent of any particular situation, the majority of participants considered a simply nutritional standpoint as a strong basis to endorse arguments regarding healthy eating. The results of the article may be useful for future studies on organic eating. There are applications for those who develop and manufacture organic foods.

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