The Impact Of Women’s Work on The Fertility Rate In Iraq, A Standard Analytical Study For The Period (2005-2020)

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Assist.Prof. Dr. Sami Hamid Abbas , Assist. Lect. Manar Sami Hamid


This research aims to demonstrate the impact of women's work in Iraq on the fertility rate in Iraq, especially after 2005. In Iraq, Iraq is considered one of the developing countries, as it enjoys a geographical location of economic and political importance. The backwardness that he suffered throughout the previous eras and the security conditions that surrounded Iraq after the entry of the American forces in 3002, and the resulting human losses at the working age, increased the problem of shortage of manpower, because therefore, the researcher's interest In this vital topic tagged, this research found a long-term equilibrium relationship between women's work and fertility rate in Iraq during the research period through the use of the ARDL model, with a weak inverse relationship between women's work and fertility rate in Iraq.

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