The Impact of Comradeship and Employee Perks in Boosting Job Satisfaction of It Employees in Chennai

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V. Sathyavathi, R. Angayarkanni


Employment satisfaction is a positive mental attitude toward one's job. "Happy employees are productive employees," the saying goes. Most people spend a large portion of their lives at work; therefore, job satisfaction is crucial. A pleased employee is a fulfilled and happy person; therefore, job satisfaction also affects their personal lives. A happy worker is physically and mentally healthier. The study evaluates the impact of bonuses and comradery on IT personnel in Chennai. The study's data was gathered from 100 employees in the IT sector. Descriptive statistics, reliability, ANOVA, and factor analysis were used. Directive leadership helps people grow their skills and feel valued. It promotes job satisfaction through shared responsibility and breaks up a subordinate's routine. Job happiness often increases a company's profitability. These would allow employers to raise wages, salaries, and benefits. Reward systems boost employee loyalty. Satisfied employees are more willing to put in extra time for the firm. Job satisfaction leads to favourable outcomes.

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